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A powerful sales research and consulting system

designed to increase revenues and profits


"Nielsen (Scarborough) is like a public utility.  Since they serve everyone, they cater to no one."


"We have utilized other research firms in the past with marginal results but when it comes to high-quality, effective consumer research, we have been extremely pleased with Stowell Data. They are a thoughtful and responsive partner in our business and have proven to be a powerful resource in helping our clients make better marketing decisions and gaining unique insights into our marketplace."




As the media landscape continues to change, sales staffs have more to sell than ever before.  While consolidation in some markets demands a resource that can show value across multiple media, other markets require a tool that provides a competitive edge to advertisers on a budget.  


How can you differentiate yourself from your competition while providing your clients with added value and a true view of who their customers are and how best to reach them?  


The Consumer Market Profile from Leigh Stowell & Company is the research industry standard providing in-depth consumer information coupled with the ability to target audiences across any and all media platforms.  Built on the guiding principle that no two markets are alike, you ask only the questions that matter to you.  If you’ve had it with national products that model based on data that has nothing to do with your market and cut-rate local products that offer shoddy methodology and low sample sizes, let us show you what they’ve been chasing since 1981: The CMP.

The Consumer Market Profile is…

  • 100% Customized – you control the questions and geography

  • Robust – providing larger sample sizes for more targeting options

  • Reliable – with NO ascription, all surveys are completed by actual respondents!

  • Actionable – Pure Programming = we measure the actual program, not just the time period

  • Comprehensive – covering ALL your media assets; digital, social media, OTT, whatever you sell

  • In-Depth – the information you need in the consumer categories that matter most

  • Qualitative – consumer motivations to help with creative

  • What you need (yes, even Millennials) – expanded Demographics, Attitudes and Lifestyle questions that help you tell the story

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Podcast Report – For Sales Teams and Content Managers

With well over 250,000 podcasts and a vast number of listeners, publishers no longer need to sell the “industry”, but only their specific podcasts. 


Stowell Data’s Podcast Report will help you identify who are your listeners as well as your competitors' based on a wide variety of socio-economic variables, how often they listen, why they listen and what other podcasts they listen to.  


Plus, we’ll give you a nifty database application so you’ll be able to query the data whenever you need.


Contact to learn more and start maximizing your revenue potential.

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