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A research strategy tailored to address your unique challenges

From global advertising giants to small local businesses to government entities, Leigh Stowell & Company’s depth of experience across a vast array of industries and organizations means that we’ve got the knowledge and flexibility to help you maximize your research budget and get the information you need to succeed.

We listen to you to understand your specific needs and challenges.  Then we work with you to design a research strategy around the methodology that is best suited for you.  This is your research!  We’ll never give you a carbon copy of something we did for someone else.  With your input, our experts craft questions to yield the results that matter most to you, and provide the analysis to translate those results into actionable findings that inform and benefit every level of your organization.

Here are just a few of the areas in which Leigh Stowell & Company can help you achieve your goals:


  • Customer satisfaction

  • Campaign effectiveness

  • Purchase motivation

  • Perception metrics

  • Awareness testing

  • Segmentation

  • Attitudes and Beliefs

  • Polling

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