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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the PowerPoint creator!  It is making my job SOOOOOOOOOO much easier!

Jill Fraim

Director of Sales Marketing Research & Programming, KFOR/KAUT-TV, Oklahoma City

In more than a decade using Stowell Solutions, I found the software to be great at creating quick reports for clients as well as doing deep analytic study for both clients and to help drive our business. The support and attention to detail provided by the Stowell team helped us make solid decisions based on solid data.

Don Day

Principal, Day365

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Solutions is the powerful, easy-to-use software package that puts the power of Stowell Data at your fingertips.  

Solutions gives you the flexibility to view and share your data as simply or as in-depth as you choose in Excel or PowerPoint. Even if you’ve never used PowerPoint before, Solutions lets you produce striking presentations in just a few steps.

And unlike a lot of research companies who either won’t show you what’s inside the black box or inundate you with massive data files and limited guidance, we not only include the vast data-mining ability of Solutions as part of your survey package, we show you how to use it!

We coordinate set up for as many users as you need…

We provide training to help you get the most out of your data…

And we support you long after with ideation and report creation!

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